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Welcome to

News Flash :: Listen to the News For The Soul interview with Satyen and Aha right now!

This website is being created to help communicate something of the curious and unlikely person who goes by the name of Aha. In the upcoming months, this website will have video footage of Aha in action as well as streaming audio files of Satsangs for you to download. There will also be a mailing list and an "Ask Aha" forum setup for people to ask questions that he can answer by email or may make the topic of upcoming Satsangs.

In the mean time, however, here are a few photos and some thoughts about Aha from a few of us who have spent time with him. Sign up for AhasHouse mailing list to stay up to date on events coming up in your area.


The following is an excerpt from email sent by Satyen Raja, the Vancouver based trainer and spiritual teacher whose organization, Warrior Sage, has profoundly changed the lives of thousands of people:

Dear Friend,
I am inviting you to meet with one of my special friends, who is very interesting to say the least. His name is Aha and he is a deeply Awakened Being.
Aha has his own unique way of transmitting Truth. He teaches in the ancient way of Satsang. Satsang means to meet together in Truth. Aha will share some of his vast insights as well as take Questions about your own Spiritual Journey.
Aha is not like a regular workshop facilitator and does not fit any conventional mode. This allows yourself and him to flow wherever the energy goes, leading you deeper into your own Free Radiance.
I have learned, and unlearned, much from him.
I'll be sponsoring Satsang meetings with him, and I welcome those of you who have a special interest in deep spirituality to attend.

Satyen Raja

Upon first meeting Aha, you might be inclined to think he's not right in the head. Not only is his appearance strange in the extreme but his moment to moment expression of "where he's at" also seem to be the behaviours of a madman.

However, if your curiosity leads you close enough and open enough to simply be in his company, in my experience profound "undoing" can occur. In my case, my tendencies to be "doing" start to unravel. My breathing becomes conscious and meditative. My humour arises. I become more present.

It's not that Aha specifically causes this reaction in those who spend time with him from anything like an intentional motivation on his part (or least so it seems to me, I should ask him), but that his simple unmotivated, released freedom becomes an inspiration on many levels. My game just drops. I breathe. And that is enough.

Further, his discourses can seem like riddles, more ravings of a madman, but as people relax their tendencies to grasp, understand, decipher, something altogether clearer tends to arise in them. In my case, a sense of relatedness is felt. I breathe. Smile. Nothing to do. Nothing to change. And somehow underneath this a greater understanding exists.


Dearest Friends,

I am writing personally to you to tell you about Aha.  Meeting Aha is the most significant event in my spiritual life.  Through contact with him, I have been able to integrate enlightenment into my daily life. 

Aha has been offering Satsangs in Vancouver, BC, for the past two years, and interest in his Satsangs has been such that he is now scheduling Satsangs in Seattle, Calgary, and Los Angeles.

In India, Satsang is a unique opportunity to gather together in Truth and receive teachings.  To attend Satsang with Aha is a profound opportunity to be with a fully-awakened individual.  Aha gives deep transmissions of Truth and Enlightenment during Satsang.  It is also a lot of fun.  Aha, like the Truth itself, is often outrageous!  As well, there will be an opportunity to ask him personal questions of any nature.   

I cannot put into words the spiritual miracles that have happened to me as a result of spending time with Aha.  It has transformed my life.  I am sending you this to inspire you to spend time with him too. I recommend that you also book a personal session with Aha if you can.

Aha appears as an unusual individual.  He does not fit any of your preconceived ideas of Truth and Enlightenment.  That is the point!  He is free.  He is also committed to your freedom.  In the land of Enlightenment, Aha is a true Master.  

Some of you who have taken ‘Living from Truth’ are familiar with the practice whereby you open and close to someone through your whole body.  When you are with Aha, I would suggest that you relax your patterns of judgment or fear.  Open to Truth.  Open through your body and your heart.  Listen to Aha and see him beyond the automatic patterns of your mind.  Listen and see through your 'passion' for the Truth itself. 

I wish for you the Absolute Pleasure of being with Aha.

I send my best wishes to you.

Love in Truth

Facilitator for the Illumination Intensive & Living from Truth

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